One Tribe Nation is an Afro-Latino-Funk-Rock band that proudly represents the hidden beauty, and multi-dimensional spirit of Los
Angeles today. Their latest release offers a thoughtful, and provocative glimpse into the American soul, and life, in Southern
California, at the dawn of a brave new century.

Stylistically, this album builds upon the Latin Rock energy of guitarist Michael Sanders' critically acclaimed debut “Servants Of A Lesser God”, which featured session players from such diverse artists as Santana, Pink, The Rolling Stones and The Goo Goo Dolls. The record was praised as a brilliant mix of unlikely souls brought together by the combined vision of Sanders and producer/drummer Joshua Eagan. This time, however, Michael has expanded his one time solo project into one of the most interesting and diverse collaborations that the city has to offer. Opting for a true democracy instead of absolute creative control has surprisingly made the album more cohesive than Michael’s previous efforts, and is just one more advance in communicating his original vision of a single world community.“The concept of a One Tribe Nation is based upon the simple idea that, as a species, our similarities outweigh our differences,” explains Sanders.“Utopian as it may sound, that’s the simple idea we’re trying to get across, that it’s possible, within each of us, to choose to have a more inclusive world view. We believe that One Tribe Nationrepresents many of the most colorful, and positive aspects of life in The City Of Angeles by virtue of the group's racial dynamic, musical
diversity, and progressive ideology."

Joining Michael on this album is his long-time friend and collaborator Dave Filice( Ritchie Kotzen, Bono, Edge) on bass, multi-instrumentalist, Quetzal Guerrero, on vocals, and former session/touring musician and ex-music professor, David Cowan, on drums. With the new lineup in place, and with guidance and wisdom provided by producer Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee) 2014 is shaping up to be a defining year for the concept of a One Tribe Nation.


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